ROYAL AVALON brings to you our Sun-Ray collection.  Our top selling collection and here are a few reasons why.

UV PROTECTION: Our bamboo fabrics are naturally treated with UPF 50+ to cut out 100% of harmful UV Rays

THERMO CONTROL: Bamboo has a hollow microfiber structure allowing it to be naturally warm yet breathable

ANTIBACTERIAL: Anti-fungal qualities of bamboo naturally keep bacteria away, significantly reducing odor

HYPOALLERGENIC: Anti-allergy and anti-fungal qualities of bamboo make it a perfect solution for active people with sensitive skin

ECO-FRIENDLY: Bamboo is a sustainable renewable, vegan and plant based material that helps us stay true to our earth friendly priorities

MOISTURE WICKING: Bamboo absorbs moisture and wicks it away, keeping you drier and more comfortable



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20 of 75 Items