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( ROYALAVALON.NET is our retail site.  For Wholesale pricing, email )

We are excited for your interest in ROYAL AVALON Wholesale. This can be the start of something very beautiful together.
If you are interested in purchasing our fashion apparel essentials and blanks, ROYAL AVALON is glad to be of service. Perfect for screen printing shops and retailer stores and boutiques.
We get a ton of questions about who qualifies for an account with us, where we ship to, etc. Never fret. We will cover some of our top frequently asked questions and will break down all the things you need to know about purchasing wholesale product.


How can I buy ROYAL AVALON?

One of the most common questions we get is, how do I purchase ROYAL AVALON? The main method we recommend is to purchase ROYAL AVALON is directly to us. The great thing about ordering through ROYAL AVALON, is that you will get the lowest price possible (because we own our own factory overseas) and gives you exclusive access to all our entire collection, styles and details on when we’re launching new product. So having an account with us will keep you up-to-date. It’s also great for those you who are in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire areas, we offer free pickups right at our headquarters. We also have no minimum requirements when shipping within the U.S.


Where’s the Best Place to Purchase ROYAL AVALON?

We commonly get asked, what’s the best place to buy ROYAL AVALON? As we touched on earlier, if you qualify and are approved for a ROYAL AVALON wholesale account, we highly recommend going through us. For those of you who are on the smaller size, looking for about 200 units or less like full service printers or small boutique store/chains, we got you!! ROYAL AVALON can help you with our products, shipping and fulfillment.


Do I Qualify to Buy Wholesale?

Let’s talk a bit about how to setup an account with ROYAL AVALON. It’s easy to forget that we are a wholesale brand. But because of that, there are certain qualifications you need to meet in order to set up an account with us.

1. DECORATOR: This includes contract and full-service screen printers or embroiderers and means you typically print large volume orders. When approving applicants, we look for indication that you own and operate your equipment.

2. DISTRIBUTOR: This includes promotional product distributors. If you have an ASI or PPAI number, you’ll likely qualify under this category.

3. BRAND: This includes licensed clothing brands with proof of website, ecommerce presence or retail locations.

After you apply for an account with ROYAL AVALON, you’ll need to provide a valid resale certificate for all states in which you conduct business. Don’t have a resale license? Every state is different, so make sure you research what qualifications your state requires.

So what if you don’t fit into those three categories and you don’t qualify for an account, for example you are a fitness gym or etsy shop, how else can you get ROYAL AVALON product? No problem! We treat every customer, big or small, the same.

Be sure to contact our Wholesale Sales representative at if you have any inquiries about whether you qualify or how to create a direct account.


What about Small Businesses?

We do want to make it clear that we are a big supporter of small businesses. Where does ROYAL AVALON Ship? ROYAL AVALON ships to anywhere in the U.S., except PO boxes. We ship internationally only to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Please keep in mind all international orders must be ordered in full cases. Typically, a case includes 36 pieces of one style/color and size, but units can range between 24-48 per case depending on style and sizes ordered.


How do I locate a Specific Style? Looking to find out how much stock we have or if a style is sold out?

Email our Wholesale Sales Representative at for style, color and inventory information.


How Long Will it Take to Process my Order?

Cut-off time for ground shipments is 4pm PST and for same day/express shipping, it’s 2pm PST. Typically, orders can be processed within the same day that the order is placed, but it really depends on how large the order is. For example, our cut off time is 4pm PST, but if you place a 5,000 unit order by 3pm PST, the order might not be able to be picked and processed until the next day. That’s why we usually allow for 1 – 2 business days for orders to fully process. UPS is our carrier of choice, but feel free to provide your preferred carrier account number at check out.


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